Packing Up

#21 If I asked you what you don’t like seeing or hearing, what would be your answer? At the moment, I’m not so crazy about the dining room as it has become a huge dumping ground for all of the things we’ve gathered in preparation for moving! My more serious answers would include poverty, sadness, cruelty and inequality. Knowing what you don’t like to see is one thing, but I’ve been struck wondering about what we do about those things that are unpleasant, unacceptable or difficult to hear. Jesus said and did a number of things that people did not like, and he was made to feel extremely unwelcome, or even pushed out at times. When things are difficult to see or hear, they don’t stop being real problems for someone, when they are pushed away or closed off…rather the people affected become more isolated. Gandhi once said ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’ and with so many people with such great need in the world that thought seems so pertinent!
#hearnoevil #seenoevil #bethechange #gandhi

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