Pride Comes Before A Fall

#25 The mix of fire and coal can have a positive or negative effect: if it all works well, it can provide warmth and be used to cook food; if things are not going well, it can burn or start a fire. #Pride has a similar dual function and can be seen both positively and negatively. Good pride may mean that you show someone that they’ve done a good job, that you’re pleased with them. Pride which separates one from another, which stops you saying something or encouraging someone is less helpful. Herod had a whole host of guests watching as he offered his daughter Herodias whatever she wanted as a reward for her dancing. When she requested John the Baptist’s head, was it pride that stopped him from backtracking in front of his guests? My Grandma and mother have always said “pride comes before a fall” but perhaps we can be positively proud of who God #created us to be and of what He #calls us to do, to ensure that we give our very best to Him.

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