Be Hospitable

#26 Food and drink are things which sustain us – we can’t do without them. It’s funny how we often gather together around food and drink for special occasions. We had a farewell party with tea and cake (and pimms!) this afternoon and were so #blessed by friends who came. Despite our best efforts to cater to the number of people who had confirmed, people were kind enough to bring cake and contribute to the party and we still ended up with cake left over – I wonder whether we could have fed 5000 people?! The things that stand out though are firstly a #sharing instinct and secondly that gift of #hospitality. The miracle of the #feedingofthe5000 would have been a little more difficult if no one had chosen to share their bread and fish. Equally, would the miracle have had a forum without an expectation to look after, and cater for the needs of guests? I think, as well as reminding us that with God all things are possible, the feeding of the 5000 reminds us that hospitality is important, and that if we share what we have, we will never be without.

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