O Christmas Tree

#126 As president of the common room an important job of mine when #preparingforadvent has been to source a #christmastree. The process of collecting the tree, bringing it in, allowing it to acclimatise, getting it comfortable, ensuring it has enough water and allowing it to rest before decorating it have struck me as having parallels with our Christian calling. We need to be hospitable, and invite people in to our homes, or even our country. We should do all we can to ensure that they are comfortable when they are with us, give them food and drink and allow them space they need to feel rested…I am not sure that we should be decorating our guests…that might be a step too far and I do not remember @sanditoksvig mentioning it in her book #peasandqueues.
It has led me to think about what more I can do to be hospitable, both with my home but more widely how we can encourage greater hospitable thinking in Britain for our brothers and sisters from far flung countries who find themselves without a home, #seekingrefuge much like Mary and Joseph in the #nativitystory
What about you? (at Ripon College Cuddesdon)

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