Competitive Spirit

#198 This evening I lay my competitive spirit at the foot of the cross. #formation has led me to recognise this as more of a weakness than a strength. Last term I ran or went swimming in my spare time. I had a moment in the pool one day towards the end of term where I felt I just couldn’t swim anymore. For most people a relaxing swim is a good thing to do…I make it competitive, albeit against myself! I wanted to swim more lengths in a faster time each time I went. Running was a very similar experience. I feel that this #competitivespirit is getting in the way now as I compete with myself academically to get the best marks ever. I have been reminded that formation is about me becoming what God is forming me to be, and I need to allow myself to be that, and stop competing. What is getting in the way of you just being yourself?

#layyourburdensatthecross (at Ripon College Cuddesdon)

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