#254 These #shoes are lovely. Every time I see them, they make me smile. They are not my shoes though, but those of a friend. They seem very sensible and flat, comfortable…and a gorgeous colour. They are clearly loved, and they seem to go with so many outfits – they are perfect. I seem to be coveting these shoes, and yet #thetencommandments warn us away from #coveting our neighbour’s property. I’ve been involved in so many conversations where people have basically asked “what can I get away with?” in response to rules, law or commandments in scripture. I wonder whether that is the wrong question though; rather than being concerned with how far I can push something, perhaps I should be making a conscious effort to never coming close to breaking a rule or commandment. In a society where #impatienceisavirtue avoiding something which causes us to disobey a rule or command seems #countercultural perhaps…

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