Right to vote

#331 With each opportunity that I have to #vote, I remember #bravewomen who went before me, enabling me today do something that I take for granted today. Women had to fight to have their right to vote as not so long ago in our history it was thought that men knew best. Only the other day I learned that in America one in three imprisoned black men have had their right to vote permanently taken from them. I am astounded that this happens in our world today…even before considering the percentages who are wrongly imprisoned! Allowing some voices to represent the masses is wrong, but some people choose not to vote over and over again because “what difference will it make?” I am sure being given a vote would make a huge difference to all those it has been taken from, not just because they get to have their say, but because things will #change when many people speak out – even if the change is to stay the same….

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