Tradition or accessibility?

#377 Life this week seems quite fixed around #cranmer and his #sacramentaltheology. Whilst slightly hard-going literature, reading specifically around Cranmer’s theology of the #eucharist and how that informed the #liturgy he wrote has got me thinking. How often do our #beliefs and #actions match? Do we say one thing and do another, or do we not question why we do what we do? For me liturgy is beautiful and often poetic, but I’ve been considering how inaccessible it can be for those who aren’t regular church attenders. The essence behind Cranmer’s liturgy seemed to be about simple language that all could understand. He also lived within a time where stories were told through images and symbolism – the liturgy itself was rich with symbolism, telling the story of Jesus from incarnation to ascension every service. Has the #church lost something of that essence of accessibility through #preservationoftradition?

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