You’re in my seat!

#380 This is a perfect example of #youreinmyseat…cats are so territorial, part of me wants to question why, and then I looks round #localpubs, #restaurants with regular customers, my Dad at #home and even #church. It seems that so many of us are guilty of finding a spot we like, for whatever reason, and sticking with it. Those who have ever worked in offices will usually have worked at specific desks, and I remember how difficult life was as a teacher with no fixed classroom and living out of a series of boxes!! #ourspace is often so important, but when it becomes clicky, and leads us to talk to the same people, and stop looking round to welcome others (particularly in church, perhaps) our ownership of space can be damaging. My partner and I were moved in a church we went to a few months back, because the women who always sat there were unable to adapt…#hosptalitygonewrong perhaps?

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