Nature of calling

#409 This is genuinely one of the most impressive chapel bells I have come across! It sounded fabulous as it was rung to signal #morningprayer each morning. It made me think about how bells are used in worship. Hindus ring a bell as they enter the Mandir to alert God of their presence. Buddhists use a bell to bring people out of a meditative state. In so many cases bells signal a call of some sort. Having been with the #padres this week, I have been amazed afresh by the way God allows revelation of Self and #plans for me. I’ve realised how focused I’ve been on responding to a #call to ordained ministry, that I’ve failed to seek God within that at times. Which particular ministry God may be calling me to, or what tasks within a particular ministry, remain a bit of a mystery, but I’ve had a sharp intake of breath as I’ve realised the #vastness of those possibilities this week…it’s a bit like having my eyes opened to the sheer hugeness of God, and I can’t go back!

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