Left behind

#412 #day24 of placement involved a talk at #coffeepot, a group for those who are #lonely or recently #bereaved. I spoke of how for much of my life, in school, in my family, at university and in searching for graduate employment, I so often found myself feeling profoundly #leftbehind. Even after returning from living in Japan for four years I struggled to find my way and found that people’s lives had moved on in my absence. It’s taken years for me to fully shake this off because I perhaps wasn’t as sharp or as quick as my peers, or I lacked passion for something. I have found that it takes some of us longer than others to find that passion, to see our place in the world – sometimes our journeys are much longer, yet no less valid. Today I #pray for all those who feel left behind at school, work or with family and friends. May you be granted courage to take time to find your way – and may you wait for the Lord to renew your strength, may you mount up on wings like eagles, run and not be weary, walk and not faint. #isaiah40v31 

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