The Mighty Pen

“The pen is mightier than the sword.” What does this mean? A pen cannot kill, neither can it be used as a tool for decapitation. It is unable to vindicate with violence and fails to bring retribution or retaliation. A pen would be useless as an aide to self-defence so how on earth is it a mighty tool, never mind one that is mightier than that which takes life?

What do we even mean by the term “mighty?” A sign of strength perhaps? Undoubtedly physical, and yet a pen does not seem to be so physical. Powerful and important perhaps, but how can such concepts be quantified – what measures should be used? Mighty as large maybe, larger than life even, and yet a pen is significantly smaller than the sword.

The pen does not protect from harm. It is not an outward sign of strength, yet it is highly acclaimed by diplomats, lovers, lyricists, poets, politicians and writers of every tribe and nation. It is not violence but voice that has power and superiority; not the wails of war that positively transform society, rather greater consideration of whys and wherefores.

This mighty pen used by wordsmiths of the world is there for all to use. To speak out and be heard, or so they say. Actually though, this mighty pen does discriminate in a similar way to the sword. It is only available to the educated, the literate and the privileged. And what about those who censor or dismiss what is written? We hear and read what others allow us to….

Where is the justice, the will to fight, for fairer opportunities to speak out and be heard? We fail again and again to use this mighty pen, instead choosing the superior cellotape to silence the stubborn, stupid slanderers of our successful society. Successful for who and at what cost? Perhaps we’ll never know while censorship reigns and the mighty pen falls.

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