Salt and Light


#558 I preached at our #eucharistservice this morning on being #saltandlight and Jesus coming to #fulfilthelaw. #Salt was a valuable commodity in Palestine in Jesus’ time. It was valued for its potential to purify, preserve and lend flavour to all things. #Purity reminds us to be mindful of our standards of honesty, diligence at work, contentiousness, and moral standards. The #preserving quality of salt was likened by a Roman historian and philosopher to putting the soul back into the body – I love that! It serves as a reminder for us to preserve ourselves from corruption. #Flavour speaks of the vividness or radiance of life. If we are living as Christ calls us to, with Christ at the centre of our being, we will be radiant – we will shine with the reflection of Jesus’ light!  Saint Augustine said “Love God and do what you like.” This sounds flippant but when you realise the way God loves you, the only option is to answer that love – this is the greatest task in life and more binding than any obligations of law. I pray that we may find our flavour and radiance, that we will shine with the reflection of Jesus’ light though our words and deeds this week. Amen.

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