Doris had her day!

#576 As the storm calms, and an examination of the catastrophe caused begins, I was struck by a divine light…what it illuminates I am not sure. We are so often quick to allow our deeply held convictions to inform what we think and say and do, and equally quick to draw conclusions and pick sides of debates and arguments. How often do we just sit and look at the light, pondering where it is pointing? I have constantly been surprised by what I have seen and uncovered when I have dwelt outside the darkness. It can be difficult to break away from but it is so worthwhile. How can any of us claim to know the vastness of our God when we limit God or draw a box around what is and is not acceptable to God? The controversy around the consecration of +Phillip North as Bishop of Sheffield in the Guardian seeks to call an example of a limiting of God to a God who would not call women to operate as priests. As this storm calms where will that divine light shine? What will be illuminated by it?



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