Torn on Tea

O-cha, ban-cha, oolong-cha, macha
So many different teas enjoyed hot or cold
Green tea – the scent of Japan waiting to greet
those who arrive at Kansai Kuko
From the traditional tea ceremony
to a bottle of hot tea sold in a vending machine
all form the unique Japanese culture
All map a journey which weaves together
the ancient and modern to shape a rich heritage
of leaves or green powder that find their way
to the small tea cup which has no handle
These teas are so exciting, so mysterious
Variation unlike anything previously known
Entices, attracts, intoxicates and mesmerises
How could I ever go back to….

The British cuppa, builders brew
either in a pot or a cup, but always bag
Hardly an aroma which tantalises
attracts even, the taste buds
Impossible to notice or taste every tea leaf
It’s just something to wet your whistle
tea was an offering when we had nothing
A brew was something which overcame tears
and gave us a reason to come together
In times gone by everyone had a teapot
which would never seem to struggle to supply
These days this is a rarity, a precious commodity
More often individual teabags are used
to create a one-cup wonder…it is a wonder
that anyone talks to anyone without communitea

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