The Dolls House Day

I dream of a dolls house day where there are no disagreements. No dissatisfaction or disapproving glances from down the road – down the road does not exist! A day where dissent does not occur as Dad, daughter, dalek and three dinosaurs all co-exist harmoniously. Daintily dancing daddy-long-legs are delighted in, rather than evokers of, dread. Daisies and dandelions decorate the garden; the indoor decor is dashing and delectable. On the dolls house day dramatic disruptions occur because I say…like the dragon dropping in to drink tea and eat doughnuts; Dr Who appearing in his fancy TARDIS or; the Dalai Lama showing up to deliberate the drift of this day.

There are no feelings of desperation as the opportunity to fulfil desires dwindles and fades. On the dolls house day there is no like or dislike, there just is. Doom and gloom are not recognised emotions as Dad, daughter, dalek and the three dinosaurs are determined by the deeds of one another. The simplicity of the dolls house day defends against difficulties, dire decisions or dark fear. There is no recollection of yesterday, no prediction of tomorrow, just today. No direction or daily drudgery, no ultimate destination…no death. The day in the dolls house develops as life in all its fullness and dispels dastardly attitudes which seek to damage, disfigure and defile.

Day-to-day drill is absent on the dolls house day as there will only ever be today. Diaries are not directive, only distraction and disorder; endless data deemed drastically irrelevant to our human condition – the possibilities are endless! What if today was like the dolls house day, with disarray and disruption to define it? What would you dare to do? What if every door were open to you and you could dabble in what really drew you in? How would Dad, daughter, dalek and the three dinosaurs handle the existence of ‘down the road’? What if they were different down there? Would that put a dampener on their day, or would the simplicity of the dolls house day disseminate?

(With thanks to Sam, Riley and Darren for the photograph)

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