Seeing rather than looking…

This week I had the great pleasure of a quiet day to contemplate the last month of ministry and refocus for the month ahead. I read an excellent book called Spirituality and Photography. I was struck by two things. 

Firstly that we are to be catchers of the light – to bring attention to the divine light of God in the darkness of our world. 

Secondly we need to see rather than just look. Ritcher describes the difference as knowing what you are looking for but being more open to possiblies when you are seeing. The way the light falls in this leaf seems to be to be an allusion of the pain endured during the crucifixion to me – I was only able to see this when I was open to the possibilities. 

The photographer’s obsession with light is similar to my passion to bring light into the darkest places as a deacon…

…to bring hope to people in their darkest hours. 

That light might take a variety of forms…

…like taking time to fully see someone…

…or to be with them as the sun sets, reassuring them that it will rise again!

Be catchers of light this week!

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