One Body

This is the week of the year dedicated to Christian unity,
a time to join together to pray for the possibility
that one day we will be a whole body or community
which celebrates and commemorates catholicity.
A week where each of us align our intentionality
to that of God our maker our creator, and the reality
of the body of Christ which draws such responsibility
from each believer regardless of individual sensitivity.

It is so much easier to focus on matters of disparity
rather than actively seek those areas of commonality.
How happily we slip into ‘them’ and ‘us’ in our humanity
and quickly identify those points requiring conformity.
We fail to remain awake to worldly ways of destructibility,
instead straying like sheep, we are allured by animosity.
Previously indistinct notes become matters of legality
further severing bonds which bind with fierce brutality

What if one week became two, three or four of generosity
of spirit to our fellow believers? If we espoused the ambiguity
of the mysteries surrounding people and God’s interactivity,
and perhaps laid aside the centrality of certainty or clarity
on issues often known to divide like gender or sexuality?
Intent on establishing a universal and obligatory morality
which ignores God’s upside-down justice for austerity,
with the God of surprises does it not all lack reliability?

I pray for unity which extends beyond human probability,
one which disciples to favour quality over quantity
and places Jesus’ example and gospel of inclusivity
at its heart – Jesus of the marginality not the majority!
I pray for unity of the body of Christ where vulnerability
is held and cherished, with division hidden by invisibility.
A unity which recognizes Christ Jesus as superiority
and all who make up the body as existing in equality.

2 thoughts on “One Body

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  1. As far as I’m concerned the unity that you talk about (thank you!) does exist. It doesn’t bother me what kind of Christian anyone is, I will accept their ministry and share in the sacraments with them. Though it is limited compared to the unity that all people of faith have which I also enjoy and experience. So although Christian unity is a good vision (hopefully realised one day), it is very limited compared to faith/interfaith unity.


    1. Thank you for this and for reading my poem – I absolutely agree with you (as a Religious Studies teacher pre-ordination!) that interfaith dialogue is also essential for a more holistic and inclusive unity. It’s encouraging that you have experienced Christian unity – sadly I haven’t always experienced this, and know of many other Christians who have been hurt by the expectation of some that they would conform, in various ways, and the consequences of their not being able or willing to do so.


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