Some days I feel like there’s nothing to spark curiosity, interest or excitement…today is one of those days. Surely I’m not the only one to have a bad day in lockdown?!

Share your stories of glimmers of hope/God…?

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  1. Yesterday, I too had a bad day in lockdown (as you put it). I’ve been struggling through some philosophical/ theological problems. This morning I woke up a bit more hopeful and found glimmers of hope in learning more of Camus’s struggle “between justice and freedom”. Camus’s _The Plague_ is a great for its exploration of the ambiguities of having to face that struggle:–ftsyEIee8wBT2ODyAdtlMOSox8HAiUxb9LI
    Here’s the old BBC documentary that this morning provided me with a slice of hope in the figure of the ghost of Camus, flickering on the screen:

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