Eucharist essence…

I’ve spent the last few days transcribing one interview in particular for my MA dissertation project which is exploring contemplative photography as a tool for missional prayer. We were off topic for a moment as we spoke about black and white photography and how it works by stripping everything back except that which the artist is seeking to reveal…I’m struck by how on topic that was in the face of our conversation around theological understandings of the Eucharist – which we were speaking about only days before lockdown occurred.

Essence revealed…

I’m aware of the complexities around theology and the Eucharist and the real difficulties many are experiencing at the moment due to not being able to receive the sacraments – there was a very interesting conversation this evening hosted by #OnFireMission which I found very thought-provoking.

In my conversation a few weeks back, I heard about an innovative way in which a congregation were encouraged to take the essence of the Eucharist back into their everyday lives – it was profound and powerful; what is the essence for you and how do you bring it into your everyday life this week?

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