Just a Cup

A few thoughts/theological reflections around ‘cup’

This is a piece of spoken word I wrote a few years ago in anticipation of being ordained priest – I’m using it to help reflect on the elements of bread and wine within Spirit Space today, so this is a bit of a sneak preview!

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  1.  Morna Just to say … Thank you for all your thoughts.

    I ‘discovered‘ you through Rumours of Hope … I tried to comment on your site (responding to the one on your tortoise … Mother Julian) but it wasn’t accepted and then I let it go til today … you’ve really touched the spot for me in so many ways with each of your posts.

    Hope you receive this ‘comment’ – expression of gratitude – by email

    Thank you And God continue to bless you as you bless me and I’m sure, many more through your ministry

    Jill Lovell Gillingham Kent (Used to live in Leicester … my sister and brother and many friends still do)

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    1. Jill – Thank you so much for your comments, really lovely to receive such lovely encouragement, and so much appreciated! Apologies your last comment didn’t get through, but I’m so pleased to hear from you. Praying God’s blessing on you, and those who you love, this day and always. Take care, stay safe. M


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