Our reflection in others…

Peter the disciple reflected in others

Stained glass windows go with the territory of being a priest with a multi-parish benefice. This particular window is a prominent reminder of God’s call on my life – St Peter keeps cropping up along the way. Also though, I can see in myself some of the qualities of Peter the disciple; zealous and enthusiastic, wanting so much to please and to do the right thing, often getting it wrong in that desperation to serve! As I looked up at this stained glass window this morning I became very aware of St Peter’s reflection, and the distortion of that. It made me think about how we each leave some sort of reflection on others, it may not be easily recognisable, but our reflections go on to shape the characters of others in new ways. It’s almost as if small aspects of who we are live on through the lives of those who we have touched.

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