#324 Home is so complicated for me at the moment…It never quite feels complete! I’m either in a space with all of my things, but missing friends and family, and at times my partner, or I’m amongst family and friends but don’t have my home comforts. Perhaps I need to think more simply: today #home is a #cupoftea in my favourite cup, whilst sat in familiar surroundings…with a cat! #itsgoodtobehome

Beautiful tea…

#270 A beautiful gift came through the letterbox the other day from a lovely friend…#chocolatetruffletea in gorgeous silk bags! In the midst of a very busy week these were a breath of fresh air and made me smile – and tastes amazing too! With thanks to a fellow #tealover 

Lazy Days

#257 What could be better than a day of #tea #crumpets #crocheting and an #awesomebook

With holidays soon to be over, it’s important to #bekindtoyourself and be able to return to work #refreshed.

Smoky Russian Caravan…

#253 I received some Smoky Russian Caravan #tea through the post as a gift. It is my favourite tea, with a lovely taste which just envelopes and relaxes you. A cup of tea is a #beautifulgift – one which I cherish and thank God for today.

See The Extraordinary in the Ordinary

#93 #teaandsympathy This week I’ve been led to think about the Holy Spirit allowing us to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. #gobetweengod Tea can be a lovely way to catch up but it can also be an opportunity for us to take time and stop, either with someone, or alone, and just be…so that we can leave space for God. (at Ripon College Cuddesdon)


#4 True to my teaandtheology username, tea has to form a part of each day! The idea of relaxing with God, my thoughts and a cup of tea is bliss – it rebalances me. It’s really unfortunate that this seems to be a luxury in our busy world!