Hold my hand…?

#279 Our #hands are able to tell the story of our lives: who we've met and shaken hands with; what we have given; what we have received; the hands of our loved ones that we have held; doors we have opened to new possibilities; windows we have closed to move away from old situations...what #stories... Continue Reading →

#150 A little late but #christmaseve at the family home…it’s been a long day, a long month and no more can be done to prepare for Christmas Day! The rest, as well as festivities, begin here! (at The Park Playgroup)

#107 On the eleventh day of the eleventh month at the start of the eleventh hour I #pray for all those who have lost in wars of the past and battles of the present. I pray for soldiers and civilians alike that they will rest in peace. For those of us left, I pray for... Continue Reading →

#95 The Lord almighty grant us a perfect night and a quiet end - AMEN. #compline (at Ripon College Cuddesdon)

#61 It can be quite upsetting when someone says something hurtful. It can take away your confidence or make you feel quite vulnerable. Words are powerful indeed and we so often underestimate their potential when they are used positively or negatively. A kind word can really pick someone up, just like an unkind word can... Continue Reading →

#15 There were times when Jesus gave specific instructions to his disciples. I believe he still gives us instructions as his disciples today…what are his instructions for you and your life? #instructions #obedience #calling

#6 Today was farewell to our Church family. I felt incredibly humbled by people’s kindness and well wishes. It’s not a final goodbye but perhaps more aptly “the end of the beginning” of my ministry…mixed emotions.

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