Spirit Space at Home

Hello and welcome to Spirit Space at Home! Spirit Space has been an experimental charismatic-catholic time of worship which started meeting in September 2019 at St Andrew’s Church, Jarrom Street in the city of Leicester. We have been meeting monthly until lockdown and this is where we are currently worshipping at home together!

This bite size Spirit Space invites you to spend 20 minutes with God. Most of what you will need will be on the screen. You may like to have some bread to eat and wine to drink for ‘breaking bread’. Rather than having a Eucharist, there will be an opportunity to meditate on the risen Christ revealed in broken bread.

Our thanks to Liam Cartwright (ordinand at Ripon College Cuddesdon and OFM Trustee), Mel Jones as one of our regular congregation members for providing the music and Carys Underdown for guiding our prayers.

If you would like to use this time of prayer and worship knowing that others are with you in that, a number of us will be gathering at our regular 3pm start time.

“Come, Holy Spirit, Come. Ignite within me the living flame of Your love.”


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