Advent 2

In the second week of our photography challenge I was aiming to see the world through God’s lens – I often try this prayerfully, and get captivated by small details, rather than overly concerned with aspects which frustrate or dishearten me…my heart has been absolutely gladdened by the simple things this week!

Advent 1

These photographs represent the first week of our Advent Photography Challenge – where is God in these photographs? Where is the anticipation of Advent? What words do they make you think of?

Watching and waiting…

Today is the first Sunday of Advent…a time where we begin to watch and wait for the light and hope that the Christ-child brings as God with us. It’s a time of anticipation and expectation; a time of journey with change around the corner…these themes seem to be important for such times as these.

Watching and waiting

As part of the Advent journey we have set an Advent Photography Challenge in our benefice. Each day there is a word which will people will hopefully inspire people to be attentive throughout the day, and take a photograph which visualises the theme around the word for the day. Day one is PATH…

Paths, which do not always reveal the end at the beginning….
Paths which include the familiar and well trodden, as well as the unfamiliar….
Paths which, in this case, lead us closer to God with us….
Light of the world

This Advent, amidst so much difficulty and uncertainty, I invite you to take time to journey and anticipate God with us as hope and light…something which we desperately need during these times.

Looking for light

#488 Today is the first Sunday of #advent which marks the beginning of a new year. Today is all about looking for the #light which is to come in the midst of our #darkness. This seems really pertinent as I continue to reflect on the darkness which is experienced in prison sparked by #artistsandwritersinreadingprison

Watching And Waiting

#141 So many elements of our lives require #watchingandwaiting but usually the results of this are relatively immediate. This morning I watched a screen and waited for my gate to open for my flight to Glasgow, but I really didn’t have to wait more than an hour. #advent is a time where Christians prepare themselves for Jesus coming, where they put things right and wait in eager anticipation of his coming. What do you need to put right today? (at London Luton Airport)


#125 #advent is a time for #watchingandwaiting attentively for #jesus in the church calendar. It is a time of great possibility and imminent joy! (at Ripon College Cuddesdon)