Photographic Journal: April

Prayerful Triduum Good Friday pilgrimage...still noticing signs of hope Welcoming the light A rare sight Peace in the distance The Peace Pagoda Trapped along the Gyosei Art Trail Simplicity Fear begins to fade New life blooms Spring lamb Bounding with joy Cool light of the evening Inquisitive Focusing on the local The beauty of birdsong... Continue Reading →

Photographic Journal: March

Coffee break Winding roads Lone barn Negative space Prayer Birds Journalling Rare empty desk Fabulous book Steady growth Whiston Working day Yearning for Japan Spring is in the air Window light Serenity of swans Mandarin duck encounter Daffodils Tree cathedral Blooming blossom Anniversary potatoes Rectory garden Bloom Feeding time... Brave soul Sunset Blossom in the... Continue Reading →

Eye for detail…

I am really loving how a shift in focus is revealing so much beauty in ways that I would usually ignore completely...I am practising the art, or discipline, of attentiveness and am finding it truly gratifying. #TheSacramentofNow

The Art of Encounter

This week I had felt drawn to walk the parish. Having been given boundary maps and a Leicester A-Z last week I was fully equipped! Not being fully sure what I would find I set off on Monday morning after Morning Prayer, rucksack and camera in hand. It would be wonderful to have been able... Continue Reading →

A contrite heart

#662 I came across these #confessionbooths in the street as an anonymous act, but there for all to see as a form of #art - but which bit is art? The #truth, #vulnerability or #pride that goes along with some of the confessions? Does confession have to be accompanied with a #contriteheart?

Playing with art

#470 A new college group #playingwithart met this week to experiment and learn from one another. We used charcoal and pastels and had some profound conversations as we got lost in what we were doing. It was fabulous! #getintothezone #findyourbalance #arttherapy 

Talk peace

#431 The @international_alert #createsyria #exhibition was incredibly thought for young people who have never known what getting lost in listening to music feels like, or have never been encouraged to express themselves. This project has given them a way to do just that. This is one of a number of #artprojects aimed at #restoration... Continue Reading →

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