Soaking in the Flora and Fauna

Yesterday I went to Salcey Forest to take part in a Forest Bathing workshop with Wilder Lives for the first time...and I loved it! Forest bathing We began by slowing down and looking at the wider forest. We looked at what drew our attention close by, and then in the middle distance before doing the... Continue Reading →

Eye for detail…

I am really loving how a shift in focus is revealing so much beauty in ways that I would usually ignore completely...I am practising the art, or discipline, of attentiveness and am finding it truly gratifying. #TheSacramentofNow

Broken beauty

Broken... I had a really interesting discussion around beauty recently. It's something that I often wonder about, with regards to photography. I find it so much easier to 'receive' photographs in the natural environment, and find myself feeling less inspired in urban areas. I think so much of this is down to perceptions of beauty...yet... Continue Reading →

Beauty is….

So far, summer has not afforded me as much opportunity to get out and get lost in photography as I would like. That said, I have recently been thinking through what beauty is...what it really is, not what we see it as from so many areas of society which wish to control what we want... Continue Reading →

間 – ma (space between)

I have spent a great deal of time thinking about the ways in which difference is held together in Japan, and the Japanese understanding of beauty and stillness. I have been struck by the number of people from other lands who have made Japan their home for so many years, as well as reflecting on... Continue Reading →

Cracked vessels

I've been thinking about how people are a little bit like cracked or imperfect vessels. Each vessel is imperfect in a different way, and that may be more or less noticeable, but each is imperfect none the less. Some might be too small to be of any real use... Others might look beautifully ornamental but... Continue Reading →

Brokenness into Beauty

The room was huge - bigger than you might be able to envisage, stretching as long as it was wide It seemed to go on and on… goodness knows what it was before this destruction? A banqueting hall perhaps, which would make more sense of the ceramic debris covering the floor! Eyes took a few... Continue Reading →

Finding beauty

#682 #findingbeauty in our new #suburban surroundings...perhaps not as picturesque as Cuddesdon, but there was something lovely about this #sunset at the #naturereserve 

Master Tent Maker

#672 Master tent maker Divine creator Of people, places spaces and species Of all that is Needed and known Homes from leaves trees and wood From things grown Out and open To bricks, mortar Fashioned and finished Never to move Is this intention Divine and inspired Or shaped by Mere mortals When did life become... Continue Reading →

Catch the Light

#643 The sheer #beauty of the #illumination which occurs when #light intersects with #darkness makes me wonder whether both are necessary...if there was no darkness, would we appreciate the light for its power and beauty?

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