If this sky could talk…

#540 #creatorgod #beautyinnature If this #sky could talk what would it be saying? What #wisdom would it offer the world it looks down upon? Would it be pleased with all it sees?

Sunset drive

#512 #sunsetdrive through #derbyshire – a reminder of #lightoftheworld #beautyincreation and the need to #taketimetobe Amen.

Well hidden

#471 Even in #difficulttimes there is #beauty – it can just be harder to find! #wellhidden #everpresent #hope 


#448 Lovely #sunsets at Cuddesdon remind me of how privileged I am to be able to afford the time to bask in the beauty of #God and #creation. #grateful 

You are beautiful!

#371 It’s time to regain a #healthyeating plan as the events of the last few months have seen me increase in size…#dietbreakfast is both delicious and filling, as well as being slightly upsetting that the pancake stacks need to stop! What has preoccupied my thoughts though is the amount of pressure to be stick thin…#healthy yes, and careful with what we put into our bodies, but we are all different shapes and sizes. I’ve been transported back to my teenage years with the realisation that my body was never going to match up to perceived perfection…(my legs are short and my Auntie used to call me oxo cube because I was as wide as I was tall! I’m now slightly taller and much less cube-like!!) How though do we change this “not good enough” narrative to ensure that girls and boys growing up #value themselves #justastheyare, and that that message continues through adulthood?

A room with a view

#321 It’s no wonder I have seen so many hospital patients taken to the window to look at the view – this is a #beautiful view of Derby! What do you see when you look across a city? What do you think about? What might you long for?

Beauty and brokenness…

#317 As part of a #quietday I went for a walk today. On recommendation I decided to seek out the pretty #poppyfield, and it was truly beautiful. Unfortunately I ended up getting hopelessly lost, stuck in crop fields which looked like they would lead me to a road and then tracks abruptly stopped. For a time this felt like an adventure, but I became a little worried when more than an hour had passed, I did not know where I was, did not know which way was back and did not have a phone signal! When did we begin relying on technology so much that we leave home without a map, and ignore footpaths?! Perhaps the old, traditional #mapandcompass is the best way!!

What is beauty?

#298 What is #beauty? Some would say it is purely material, others might say that which is beautiful #fades over time. I like the idea that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that all things, and all people are beautiful to someone…I like even more the idea that all are beautiful, just sometimes we have to #look a bit deeper to fully see.