#475 I'm writing about #loneliness and #bereavement this week. Do we pull together as #community these days? Do we #surround those who are #grieving? When do we expect that they should have come to terms with their loss? Can you ever go back to normal after losing a loved one?

Left behind

#412 #day24 of placement involved a talk at #coffeepot, a group for those who are #lonely or recently #bereaved. I spoke of how for much of my life, in school, in my family, at university and in searching for graduate employment, I so often found myself feeling profoundly #leftbehind. Even after returning from living in... Continue Reading →

Left behind

#403 #day21 was a planning day and amongst other things I was preparing a talk for a group which is made up of recently bereaved people, and those who feel lonely. For #inspiration I went for a walk and found a first #signofautumn. I was reminded of my first days of school as a child,... Continue Reading →

#64 There is something quite stark, empty and lonely about #bereavement. Many people at college are feeling bereaved at the loss of something of an iconic old beech tree. Walking alongside those who are bereaved is an incredible privilege as people can be truly beautiful when they bravely allow themselves to open up and let... Continue Reading →

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