Over Epiphanytide there is a custom to bless the home with a prayer and chalking in the year and initials of the wise men who journeyed over a long distance to meet the Christ-child. This custom is about welcoming the Christ-child and the unknown visitor into your home.

Using the blessed chalk (I still have some if anyone local needs it), mark the lintel of your front door (or front porch step) as follows:

20 + C + M + B + 18 while saying:

The three Wise Men, Caspar, Melchior, and Balthazar followed the star of God’s Son who became human two thousand and eighteen years ago. May Christ bless our home and remain with us throughout the new year. Amen.

Then offer the following prayer:

Visit, O blessed Lord, this home with the gladness of your presence. Bless all who live or visit here with the gift of your love; and grant that we may manifest your love to each other and to all whose lives we touch. May we grow in grace and in the knowledge and love of you; guide, comfort, and strengthen us in peace, O Jesus Christ, now and forever. Amen.

New Years Eve

#522 #newyearseve encourages us to think about the previous year – #losses, #hurts and #pains inevitably form part of that picture for me, but there are also rich #blessings to focus on. In an effort to not let pain overshadow, nor to #losehope for 2017 when something goes wrong, I hold onto these blessings: an amazing unexpected trip to Japan, the confirmation of my title post, a loving and generous college community and my ever supportive family. What do you hold on to?

People watching

#504 #day9 of #japantravels was spent in Shibuya and Ginza, shopping and catching up with family. I could have stayed in this particular place for hours though, watching people come and go – I love people watching! Today I #pray for all who passed through #shibuyacrossing – may they be blessed and know God’s peace. Amen. 


#464 At our #IHS gathering we prayed for those growing up and questioning their sexuality in the church; for #lgbt people who face sexual, physical and emotional #abuse because of their #sexuality; and for lgbt people exploring a #calltoordination who may struggle in the discernment process. May the Lord bless us and keep us, the Lord make His face to shine upon us and be gracious to us, the Lord lift His face to us and give us peace. Amen. #aaronicblessing 

Military chaplains

#408 A visit to #sandhurst today helped to give an idea of what #formation as a #militarychaplain or #padre would look like. As with so many aspects of #ordainedministry there is no way this would be possible without a #calling. Today I pray for all #ordinands and #curates as they #discern the #shapeoftheirministry, I #pray for Padres and the work that they do with huge numbers of people who may otherwise not interact with the church. May they be blessed, and a blessing, in all they do. Amen. 

Instruments of blessing

#389 #day7 of #placement is a day of preparation for Sunday services. I’ve been writing a #sermon about being #instrumentsofblessing especially on the #sabbathday #healingonthesabbath #luke13v10to17. 

A new discovery!

#385 The real #highlight of #placement #day3 was a #farmvisit under the guise of #blessingthecombineharvester. The farmer took great time to show us and tell us about all that they grow, and the highs and lows of farming. I really felt like I was getting alongside people and finding out what is important to them, and how I could serve them. The biggest challenge to the church in that particular area is that much of the village, once occupied by farm workers, is now inhabited by commuters who know very little about farming or harvesting. How can a church which was built in between farms, and has served farmers for years, enable the rural and the urban to meet, get to know one another, and flourish together? #ruralministry #sosurprisedwiththisruralenthusiasm

Leavers Eucharist

#311 #leaversday at #riponcollegecuddesdon today with a #eucharist and a #blessing of ordination stoles. It was very emotional and yet fitting that these Godly people move on to flourish in #ordainedministry – go with our love and prayers!


#284 #sunset on the Holy Hill after a busy #openday at Ripon College Cuddesdon…a reminder of the absolute #blessing it is to live and study here.