How have we changed in lockdown?

I am very aware that as I write this, as a resident in the city of Leicester, I and the people of Leicester continue to be in a state of lockdown. I have been reflecting on how we have changed during lockdown - more specifically how have our lives and priorities changed. I've been so... Continue Reading →


The visibility of 'Church' I've read and watched with interest as so many have grappled with, or tried to make sense of, this season of lockdown, where we are absent from our churches. I've very much felt the presence of pray-ers in the walls in some churches, and have loved the sense of God's presence... Continue Reading →

The Bread of Love

The Old Testament reading for Morning Prayer today was about God providing manna for the Israelites in the wilderness. We are also going to be thinking about the road to Emmaus on Sunday. These two pieces of scripture originally sparked me to write this, but I've put some photographs round it now...a bit of a... Continue Reading →

One Body

This is the week of the year dedicated to Christian unity, a time to join together to pray for the possibility that one day we will be a whole body or community which celebrates and commemorates catholicity. A week where each of us align our intentionality to that of God our maker our creator, and... Continue Reading →

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