Time to tread water…

Water off a duck's back... I've not blogged for a few weeks as I had a writing week (for my MA dissertation research), then a week of leave to rest and recharge. Amidst the rest I met this lovely duck as the sun went down one evening. She was swimming with her 11 ducklings, and... Continue Reading →

Are you busy?

It seemed like a simple question, and yet I was frozen on the spot...how could I answer? It wasn’t the kind of enquiry which might result in a request of some sort, but rather an extension of “how are you?” Thoughts came crashing all around me like a huge wave...am I busy enough? Or am... Continue Reading →

Peace and calm

#571 #lazyday exploring and came across this lovely #harbour, a symbol of #rest #calmbeforethestorm as well as #potential #newbeginningsahead 

Air in your tyres

#473 Today I #pray for the woman who I met at the fuel station struggling to put air into her tyres. #Forgive me for my initial frustration, and thank you for opening my eyes to her tears and need. I wonder whether her anguish may have been caused by a recent #bereavement, perhaps of someone... Continue Reading →

Peace in chaos

#357 As we walked through a busy city park the other day, we were really surprised to see these beautiful #deer basking in the shade, seemingly protected from the crowds by a slight hill. I was amazed at how peaceful they looked...if only I could be that peaceful amidst crowds of people, and pressure to... Continue Reading →

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