Photographic Journal: May

Day out Bloom A rare sight Flamingo Bluebell wood Blue and beautiful Sacrificial plants Post box on the green Sacred alongside the profane Sending out seeds Calm after the rain Refreshment Minute detail Evening walk Golden hour Behold the lamb In the distance Marina All under the same sky Garden meadow Exploring “Take, eat, this... Continue Reading →

Photographic Journal: February

Nourishment of correspondence by letter Working from home Joy of choosing magazines Puzzling patterns Fragility of life A regular visitor Companionship Bow down and worship Wisdom of trees Crocuses Golden hour Rainbow of hope The unknown road ahead Potting on Waking from a long sleep Birthday - not birthday - cake Awe and wonder Self-examination... Continue Reading →

How have we changed in lockdown?

I am very aware that as I write this, as a resident in the city of Leicester, I and the people of Leicester continue to be in a state of lockdown. I have been reflecting on how we have changed during lockdown - more specifically how have our lives and priorities changed. I've been so... Continue Reading →


The visibility of 'Church' I've read and watched with interest as so many have grappled with, or tried to make sense of, this season of lockdown, where we are absent from our churches. I've very much felt the presence of pray-ers in the walls in some churches, and have loved the sense of God's presence... Continue Reading →

Mystery of God

#641 #sundayworship #orthodoxchurch There was a strong sense of the #mysteryofgod in this service - it was beautiful and so confusing at the same time. It is good to be taken out of #comfortzones every now and again. 


#593 Today was the last day of my #placement and the last opportunity to gently guide this church cat out of the church! #endings are difficult, especially as it seems that this is the first of a long line of endings for the next few months. #richblessings #thankful 

Christ in you and Christ in me

#553 Community Community church Community church in context Community church in context with Christ at the centre Christ in you and Christ in me Christ crucified and died - why? To collapse the corrupt, cold and contemptuous To carry those who are cleaned out, companionless or crying out To give courage to the collective regardless... Continue Reading →

Take your robot to church!

#396 #preparations for the #sundayservice on #day14 of #placement saw me packing a #robot into the car...I'm beginning to wonder whether I might be losing it a little?! #allageservice #visualaid 

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