Take your robot to church!

#396 #preparations for the #sundayservice on #day14 of #placement saw me packing a #robot into the car...I'm beginning to wonder whether I might be losing it a little?! #allageservice #visualaid 

Placement take two!

#383 Today has been the first day of #placementtaketwo...it's very different from my initial vision of busy urban setting as it's getting a little close to being rural with a village feel - could take me ever so slightly out of my comfort zone! All that said #day1 has involved an 8am #eucharist as sides... Continue Reading →

You’re in my seat!

#380 This is a perfect example of #youreinmyseat...cats are so territorial, part of me wants to question why, and then I looks round #localpubs, #restaurants with regular customers, my Dad at #home and even #church. It seems that so many of us are guilty of finding a spot we like, for whatever reason, and sticking... Continue Reading →

It’s only bricks and mortar…

#271 Today we went to #church here...a private school in the week and on Sunday it turns into a praise and worship extravaganza! It got me thinking though; in the C of E many of our churches have a deep and rich #heritage, they can be hundreds of years old. There is a real sense,... Continue Reading →

What does it mean to be human?

#267 Do we act as individual entities, or do we look out for one another? Does #goodwill feature in our days, either given or received? Do we know our neighbours? Are we involved in our communities? Questions sparked from a lecture and an encounter today. The lecture was about the place of the church in... Continue Reading →

#48 What is #church? Is it a stuffy place where people of a like mind gather? Is it a nice building to look at? Is it a focal part of the community? Is it a place where you feel welcome? And finally, what do you think church SHOULD be like? I hope that it is... Continue Reading →

#6 Today was farewell to our Church family. I felt incredibly humbled by people’s kindness and well wishes. It’s not a final goodbye but perhaps more aptly “the end of the beginning” of my ministry…mixed emotions.

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