Photographic Journal: February

Nourishment of correspondence by letter Working from home Joy of choosing magazines Puzzling patterns Fragility of life A regular visitor Companionship Bow down and worship Wisdom of trees Crocuses Golden hour Rainbow of hope The unknown road ahead Potting on Waking from a long sleep Birthday - not birthday - cake Awe and wonder Self-examination... Continue Reading →


I've been reading The Lonely City, which has seemed apt to be reading in the week of World Mental Health Day on 10th October. How is it that the loneliest places can often be the busiest places, where people go virtually unnoticed? We live life so quickly that it is possible to avoid meaningful conversations with anyone when... Continue Reading →

Sweeping up

#299 As I swept the chapel floor in preparation for a lovely #baptism, I was reminded of a scene in Bruce Almighty where Bruce mops the floor with God. Bruce had thought the task ridiculous and beneath him when first asked. Interestingly he was struck by the sense of calm mopping gave him, as well... Continue Reading →

#176 #companionship is so important in our fast-paced busy life! Who is God asking you to walk alongside today? (at Ripon College Cuddesdon)

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