Image of God

#557 This week I’ve had a number of #conversationsaboutGod – quite normal in a theological college – and I’ve been struck by our inability to #express the #natureofGod in a way which fully symbolises God. This photograph is a starting point with the #cross, #light and #tabernacle all as different expressions of God’s presence here with us, but it doesn’t seem quite enough. For anyone reading this, I would like to invite you to photograph something which symbolises God for you and link it to this post with an explanation. I’m really interested in how different people understand God and would love to hear from you! Thank you in advance!


A significant meeting…

#278 These gates reminded me of when I used to use #guidedmeditation in my teaching. Quite early on in the meditation I would say that they had reached a #gate which they walk through, up the path and into a house, up the stairs, and into a room with an open door…someone very dear to them is there, and they greet one another and have a conversation. What would the house you reached be like? Who would be upstairs waiting to see you and talk to you? What would you talk about?