Silent Ghosts

A ghost can be a wish, an intention to imitate or embellish Do you remember the time when people could be in places without thinking about spaces or covering their faces? When rooms were filled with laughter and light; when fights for rights were in plain sight of daylight because their right was our right!... Continue Reading →

The sacrament of baptism

#411 #day23 saw me back on placement with three services, one of which was a #baptism. #water, as something that #cleanses, is key here and I was struck by its symbolism. Ten years ago, on interview for #teachertraining I had used water as an artefact for a lesson demonstration. It is something that each major... Continue Reading →


#410 I've been thinking about how we address and refer to #God. It was brought to my attention that I have a tendency to use male pronouns for's what many of us have been #socialised into but, whilst the English language doesn't make it easy, referring to God as #male denies part of the... Continue Reading →

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