Adventure and exploration

I have been on annual leave this week and spending a very relaxing week in Sorrento, seeing the sights and sampling the delights of the surrounding areas - I never believed it would be possible to be sustained on a diet of pizza and gelato, but it seemed important to try it out! I don't... Continue Reading →

Torn on Tea

O-cha, ban-cha, oolong-cha, macha So many different teas enjoyed hot or cold Green tea - the scent of Japan waiting to greet those who arrive at Kansai Kuko From the traditional tea ceremony to a bottle of hot tea sold in a vending machine all form the unique Japanese culture All map a journey which... Continue Reading →

Culture and the Bible

#422 How does #culture affect our #understanding and #portrayal of #thebible? How does it #resonate when presented within a cultural framework? Is it different when presented more #authentically to the times it speaks of?

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