Words of change…?

For a few months now, it is almost like there has been nothing to write...actually that has been far from true. There has been so much to write about, to comment on, to realise, to think through, and I have felt verbally paralysed, being unable to find the right words, find any words to express... Continue Reading →

The way forward

#659 A day of #gettigtoknowyou, sharing stories hopes and fears as well as finding a way forward, with my #trainingincumbent for #curacy has been incredibly #inspiring #excitingtimesahead 

My curacy

#446 Today is a #milestone which has caused me to look back and ahead at the same time - this morning it was announced that I will serve my #titlepost as #assistantcurate in the Benefice of St Luke's, Stocking Farm and Christ the King, Beaumont Leys in Leicester diocese. This is incredibly exciting, if a... Continue Reading →

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