Some days I feel like there’s nothing to spark curiosity, interest or is one of those days. Surely I’m not the only one to have a bad day in lockdown?! Share your stories of glimmers of hope/God...?

Stories untold

#556 #intrigue and #curiosity Whose is this, where did it come from? How old is it, how many people have owned it? What have they used it for? What is it used for now? I love #preciousthings, long cherished, which could tell us stories about generations of people...


#341 It's a while since I've been home, and seen friends - it's a while since I've seen Zola! She seemed to want to get a closer look at me! #curiosity #inquisitive #friendly #pettherapy Today I #thankgod for friendship, for rest, for relaxation.

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