Life and death…death and life

I've been thinking a lot about the way death is held and handled in the natural world, how different that may be to our various societal approaches to death, and possible reasons for this. It seems that life can flow through aspects of the natural world that have died and are decaying. New light can... Continue Reading →

The Art of Encounter

This week I had felt drawn to walk the parish. Having been given boundary maps and a Leicester A-Z last week I was fully equipped! Not being fully sure what I would find I set off on Monday morning after Morning Prayer, rucksack and camera in hand. It would be wonderful to have been able... Continue Reading →

#163 希望 or ‘hope’ is a big part of the Christian message. Perhaps we don’t always have the answers but we do have #hope in a God of Love. I was looking at the meaning behind these Japanese characters for hope and the whilst the first character does not seem to be so profound the... Continue Reading →

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