#633 When the democratic right to vote was only available to men, many campaigned for years to ensure the #voices of #women would be heard, and the true meaning of #democracy realised. Which voices are #silenced today and how does that fail to influence government or party policy?

Right to vote

#331 With each opportunity that I have to #vote, I remember #bravewomen who went before me, enabling me today do something that I take for granted today. Women had to fight to have their right to vote as not so long ago in our history it was thought that men knew best. Only the other... Continue Reading →

Speak out!

#327 "Democracy is where people keep a government in check" is one of the many thought provoking statements on this tree sculpture. Perhaps that is the ideal, but does that actually happen? Keeping a government in check does not mean ALL people have a voice, but that hopefully the voice of government will represent the... Continue Reading →

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