Eye for detail…

I am really loving how a shift in focus is revealing so much beauty in ways that I would usually ignore completely...I am practising the art, or discipline, of attentiveness and am finding it truly gratifying. #TheSacramentofNow


#404 #day22 of placement and after three services I've had a pile of ironing to do in anticipation of a five day #excursion to learn about #militarychaplaincy. It's an excellent opportunity and I' looking forward to it...it has taken the #discipline of a #priestlycall to another level for me though!

Be still and know that I am God

#364 #psalm46 "Be still and know that I am God." I've been reflecting on this since Sunday when I went to St Michael's Church #alnwick who were thinking about different ways to pray. It is difficult not to know God in our #naturalworld where there are so many displays of His #power and #glory. Being... Continue Reading →

Call to prayer

#280 Whilst this might sound a bit odd to anyone who doesn't live in a theological college, I love the #calltoprayer each day. Being encouraged to get out of bed and meet with God, whilst easier now it's lighter, is a lovely way to begin the day. Equally being reminded to stop the tasks of... Continue Reading →

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