From Sin to Pride…

Last weekend I watched Channel 4’s new five-part drama It’s a Sin and was incredibly moved by it - the emotion has really stayed with me throughout the week. The fact that the national response to AIDS was happening in my childhood was not lost on me, and I found myself looking on YouTube for... Continue Reading →


Posting this a few days after IDAHoBiT on Sunday 17th May, as some people had expected to see this here. It was just a short reflection and time of prayer to remember that we are ALL God's people in all of our diversity! #BreaktheSilence

Thought provoking…

I've just finished reading The Good Immigrant which is a collection of essays about what it's like to live in a country that doesn't trust you and doesn't want you... There were a number of heartbreaking reflections but one of the saddest was Musa Okwonga who decided to leave Britain because of such deep-rooted institutional... Continue Reading →

Celebrate diversity 

#687 I was reminded of the rich and beautiful #diversity of our society as I looked at different materials in a local #sarishop We are all unique! #celebratediversity #embraceourdifferences 


#655 The final weeks of #theologicalcollege will involve visiting people and places which have been influential in training. Today I returned to my #summerplacement church and had a lovely welcome - being involved in so many different churches helps to grasp the diversity of God and the unique ways in which God meets people.

What do you see?

#579 When looking at the same person, place or possession different people notice #different things - that rich #diversity is a great strength. None of us are the same, so we are all likely to see something slightly differently depending on how our own #experiences have shaped us. Does this make some of us #right and some... Continue Reading →


#303 This evening was the last day that the #ihsgroup met at college this academic year. #endings are so difficult...I looked around this beautiful group of people with such sadness that we would never meet again in the same place for the same reason. #embracediversity #endwell

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