#177 Together we stand and together we fall. We may #disagree with those around us, sometimes quite profoundly. What is important is that we are present to disagree…when we are not present, we take away all opportunity for the #lightofchrist to shine by grace and mercy through that disagreement. #dojustlylovemercywalkhumbly (at Ripon College Cuddesdon)

#85 Today I was elected President of the Common Room at theological college and this staff represents the authority and responsibility that goes with that role. It is incredibly #humbling to think that my fellow ordinands have put their #trust in me to represent them and advocate for them. The #responsibility that people put in... Continue Reading →

#73 #dojustlylovemercywalkhumbly In everything!!! Even when something makes you angry…or you feel so passionately about something…or you don’t like someone. Especially when someone has not treated you fairly, or has been unpleasant to you. It can be quite a challenge at times, nevertheless be #godwithskinon

#55 #destruction comes in all shapes and sizes. It touches different people in different ways. Sometimes we are responsible for it, sometimes we are the wounded party. What matters is how we handle it…“do justly, love mercy, walk humbly”. #dojustlylovemercywalkhumbly (at Ripon College Cuddesdon)

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