Marking the spot!

I met with God here... Part of my theological reflection over the last few weeks has been around buildings, and how they came to be so important as 'God encounter' spaces. That has taken me to conversations about tents (as 'Tent of meeting') and stones. The Old Testament practice seemed to encourage people to mark... Continue Reading →

The Encounter

Above the beauty and bustle of the valley An expanse of heather filled space awaited. The beautifully radiant blue sky was fresh, Fragrant with the scent of the morning. A light wind wound its way towards me - It caressed my face urging me ahead. Every step gave way to astonishing awe, Wonderment grew Continue Reading →

S.E.E. God

This week I've been thinking about how we see God; that is how we STRUGGLE alone, before having some sort of EPIPHANY which allows space to ENCOUNTER God. A few weeks ago I wrote about the art of encounter and the need to look into the eyes of the person we are speaking with. This... Continue Reading →

The Art of Encounter

This week I had felt drawn to walk the parish. Having been given boundary maps and a Leicester A-Z last week I was fully equipped! Not being fully sure what I would find I set off on Monday morning after Morning Prayer, rucksack and camera in hand. It would be wonderful to have been able... Continue Reading →


#671 After the last college group eucharist  the last sessions at #theologicalcollege was about presiding at the eucharist - how does this help to #drawclosertogod or #encountergod? #divinemeal #tasteofheaven

The Faceless Woman

Saturday afternoon. Miserably bleak. Incomplete mundane tasks creep upon me; fuel gauge beeps, warning lights flash. Fuel station! Reluctantly I pull in. Frustration looms and I wait, as she stops me in my tracks. I fail to see this faceless woman in my hotheadedness. At least I don’t really see her and her need; the... Continue Reading →

Prayer of thanks

#418 #day30 of placement was my #last with this beautiful community of people. I have learned so much from every single #encounter with one of God's beautiful creations in this blessed place - and I will miss them a great deal. A #prayerofthanks for the #beautyofcreation in this marvellous place, and for their patience and... Continue Reading →

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