Photography as prayer

#402 #day20 of placement was my #dayoff and the day where I went to choose my #photographicreflections can now also benefit from this fabulous #dslrnikon. Over the past year I've tried to see #God in the everyday, and #photography has become a #formofprayer. Today then, a #prayerofthanks for the many #gifts we have and... Continue Reading →

Love your neighbour

#401 #day19 of placement got me thinking about what it would feel like to carry all that you own in a bag; to have nothing apart from that, no home, family or friends who care. Rather than a philosophical question, this was something of a reality that I was faced with. I found myself beginning... Continue Reading →

Food or Community

#273 What is more important? #food or #community (being with the other sheep)? Should food always be shared? If we shared more of what we have would we be happier? Does money always bring happiness? Does loneliness always lead to unhappiness?

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