Invitation to Abundance

As I prepared my sermon for today around the miracle of the feeding of the five thousand, I was prayerfully transported back to Cuddesdon. Only months earlier we had used this passage for a Eucharist with children. They had designed, or at least had a say in, most of the service; they had chosen to... Continue Reading →

Beauty of friendship

#640 #threeoldfriends #threeteacups and plenty of cakes! The beauty of relationships which never change...true friendship is measured not by time spent together, but by the strength of the bond when they are there. 


#617 #day32 of #lentchallenge with @bible_society #friendship as blue sky and #branches - where thinking and growth happens, as well as a beautiful places of solitude. 

Judge or forgive?

#376 To be #inquisitive or too keen is something which can be perceived as negative when meeting people for the first time. It's often not socially acceptable to ask strangers lots of questions about how do we cross the boundary from strangers to #friendship? How do we cultivate good relationships with others? How do... Continue Reading →

Seeing God in each other

#359 #beautifulbaking and #beautifulfriends God is #relational and has created us to be so too. The pleasure that friendships bring always amazes me, although it perhaps shouldn't as God reveals himself to us through others. Today I #thankgod for #friendship.


#341 It's a while since I've been home, and seen friends - it's a while since I've seen Zola! She seemed to want to get a closer look at me! #curiosity #inquisitive #friendly #pettherapy Today I #thankgod for friendship, for rest, for relaxation.

Croquet on the lawn

#285 What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than playing #croquet on the lawn and drinking #ginandtonic in the #sunshine at theological college?! Taking time to relax in the sun is good for the soul, and it gives us the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of God's #creation: #sun #nature #friendship and #laughter


#283 Preparations for my last guest night speech! This evening was our last guest night of the academic year, and my final guest night as President of the Common Room. As I wrote my speech, I began to think about the huge privilege to have served the college community in this role, and how much... Continue Reading →

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