Left behind…

As autumn falls around me, I've been thinking about this idea of being left behind. I have had the great privilege of planning and leading two funerals this week, and have been reflecting on the differences in approach of each and the reasons for these aside from obvious character distinctions. This led me to further... Continue Reading →

Funeral ministry

#399 #day17 of placement involved a funeral preparation visit. Having been involved in a #funeral in the first week of placement, along with this has given me a real sense of the importance and privilege of #funeralministry. It seems to be one huge act of #service to a family, both in getting the preparations right,... Continue Reading →

Prayer release

#356 At the #funeral we asked people to place a flower, as a symbol of their prayer/hope/wish, in a bowl of water. We took these to the River Derwent in the evening and prayerfully released them. So #grateful to all who travelled to support and stand alongside us.

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